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On Janu­ary 1, 2017 nine European organ­isa­tions* offi­cially launched the PETRA-E Net­work for the Edu­ca­tion and Train­ing of Lit­er­ary Trans­lat­ors. The part­ners will expand, imple­ment and fur­ther devel­op the PETRA-E Frame­work, the res­ult of the suc­cess­ful Erasmus+ fun­ded PETRA-E pro­ject (2014–2016), and will provide a col­lab­or­at­ive space for the dis­cus­sion of related top­ics.

The PETRA-E Frame­work maps out com­pet­ences and levels in lit­er­ary trans­lat­ing. It serves to improve the qual­ity of lit­er­ary trans­la­tions and the vis­ib­il­ity of lit­er­ary trans­lat­ors in Europe. It is now avail­able in nine lan­guages: Bul­gari­an, Dutch, Eng­lish, French, Ger­man, Hun­gari­an, Itali­an, Por­tuguese and Span­ish.

In the short time since the Frame­work was launched, a large num­ber of organ­isa­tions has shown interest in becom­ing involved in the fur­ther devel­op­ment. The Net­work wel­comes new mem­bers, aca­dem­ic and non-academic, who are com­mit­ted to the PETRA-E Frame­work and its under­ly­ing prin­ciples, and wish to imple­ment the Frame­work in their own insti­tu­tions and pro­grammes and con­trib­ute to its fur­ther devel­op­ment. The first meet­ing will be held in the Autumn of 2017. We are cur­rently approach­ing the organ­isa­tions that have already shown interest. After the first meet­ing we cer­tainly need oth­er organ­isa­tions to come on board and put the Frame­work into action.

The PETRA-E pro­ject was recently com­pleted and eval­u­ated with very high rat­ings (93/100).  The Frame­work can be down­loaded here (click on the flag for dif­fer­ent lan­guages). Click here for a data­base with European pro­grams and courses for lit­er­ary trans­la­tion, anoth­er res­ult of the PETRA-E pro­ject.



Any enquir­ies and expres­sions of interest can be dir­ec­ted to the PETRA-E sec­ret­ari­at at the Neder­landse Taalunie:, c/o Karlijn Water­man, Post­bus 10595, NL 2501 HN Den Haag, Neth­er­lands,

*Cur­rent mem­bers : Brit­ish Centre for Lit­er­ary Trans­la­tion (BCLT), Con­seil Européen des Asso­ci­ations de Tra­duc­teurs Lit­téraires (CEATL), Deutscher Über­set­zer­fonds, Eötvös Loránd Uni­ver­sity (ELTE),  Expert­i­se­centrum Lit­erair Ver­talen (ELV), Fondazione Uni­versit­ar­ia San Pel­legrino (FUSP), KU Leuven, Neder­landse Taalunie, Uni­versiteit Utrecht.

PETRA=Plateforme Européenne pour la Tra­duc­tion Lit­téraire. PETRA-E= PETRA-Education.

CEATL presents The Skull Thing / Crâneries

As the 400th anniversary year of Wil­li­am Shakespeare’s death draws to a close, the European Coun­cil of Lit­er­ary Trans­lat­ors’ Asso­ci­ations (CEATL) breathes life into the Bard of Avon’s most fam­ous line in twenty-one European lan­guages, and extends its best wishes for 2017.

The annual awards of the BTU for 2016

Annu­al awards of the BTU in the sphere of


Spe­cial Award for Excep­tion­ally High Achieve­ments

  • Silvia Bor­isova – for her trans­la­tion from Pol­ish to Bul­gari­an of the book of poetry Niewidzi­alna ręka by Adam Zaga­jew­ski, pub­lish­ing house for poetry DA, 2016
  • Krasimir Kavaldzhiev – for his trans­la­tion from Bul­gari­an to French of the nov­el Le Dilet­tante by Tchavdar Mouta­fov, Le Soupirail, 2016

Award for Out­stand­ing Achieve­ments

  • Van­ina Bozhikova – for her trans­la­tion from Romani­an to Bul­gari­an of the nov­el Viața lui Kos­tas Ven­et­is by Octavi­an Sovi­any, Para­dox, 2015
  • Dimana Ilieva – for her trans­la­tion from Eng­lish to Bul­gari­an of the nov­el Pos­ses­sion by A. S. Byatt, Agata-A, 2015, and also ro Angel Igov and Valentin Kras­tev for their trans­la­tions of the poems in the nov­el
  • Maya Tzen­ova – for her trans­la­tion from Arab­ic to Bul­gari­an of the col­lec­tion of short stores Mad­man of Free­dom Square by Has­san Blasim, Janet-45, 2015
  • Svetla Kio­seva – for her trans­la­tion from Hun­gari­an to Bul­gari­an of the col­lec­tion of short stores Bruder­sz­aft by Edina Szvoren, Sonm, 2016
  • Stela Dzhele­pova – for her trans­la­tion from Nor­we­gi­an to Bul­gari­an of the play in verse Peer Gynt by Hen­rik Ibsen, Hemus group, 2016



for out­stand­ing achieve­ment of a young lit­er­ary trans­lat­or

  •  Alex­an­der Kostov, Rayna Rosen­ova, Kristina Dimitrova – for their trans­la­tion from Eng­lish to Bul­gari­an of the nov­el On The Road by Jack Ker­ou­ac, Para­dox, 2016


 Annu­al awards of BTU in the sphere of trans­la­tion of


Spe­cial Award for Excep­tion­ally High Achieve­ments

  • Blagov­esta Lingor­ska – for her trans­la­tion from Pok­ish to Bul­gari­an of Auto­port­ret report­era; Rwący nurt his­torii. Zap­iski o XXXXI wieku; Ten Inny, Sonm, 2015, and for the over­all present­a­tion of the Pol­ish report­er, pub­li­cist and thinker in Bul­gari­an


Award for Out­stand­ing Achieve­ments

  • Vladi­mir Gradev – for his trans­la­tion from Eng­lish to Bul­gari­an of Urn Buri­al By Thomas Browne, Com­munitas Found­a­tion, 2016
  • Lili­ana Simeonova – for her trans­la­tion from Lat­in to Bul­gari­an of Ant­a­podos­is; His­tor­ia Ottonis; Rela­tio de leg­a­tione Con­stantino­pol­it­ana ad Nice­phor­um Phocam by Liut­prand of Cre­mona, Iztok-Zapad, 2015
  • Nina Niko­lova – for her trans­la­tion from Ger­man to Bul­gari­an of Paradig­men zu ein­er Meta­phoro­lo­gie, Crit­ics and Human­ism, 2015
  • Stili­an Yotov – for his trans­la­tion from Ger­man to Bul­gari­an of Der Detekt­iv­ro­man; Die Anges­tell­ten by Siegfried Kra­cauer, Agata-A, 2016

A dis­tinc­tion

Chris­tian­ity and Cul­ture journ­al cre­ated by Com­munitas Found­a­tion as an open space for a pro­found and well-informed con­ver­sa­tion on the prob­lems of spir­itu­al­ity and the mean­ing of Chris­tian­ity in our soci­ety – for its propensity to dia­logue and its abil­ity to present in excel­lent trans­la­tions the works of authors with dif­fer­ent reli­gious creeds and views from diff­fer­ent coun­tries and times


Award for Life-Long Achieve­ments in the sphere of trans­la­tion 

con­ferred only to BTU mem­bers

  • Rada Shar­landzhieva – for an excep­tion­al pro­fi­ciency and artistry in her lit­er­ary trans­la­tions from Eng­lish, Ser­bi­an, Croa­tian and French to Bul­gari­an and as an edit­or of trans­lated lit­er­at­ure

Spe­cial Award for Excep­tion­ally High Achieve­ments

in the sphere of trans­la­tion is giv­en (posthum­ously) to

  • Prof. Bog­dan Bog­dan­ov for his trans­la­tion from Ancient Greek to Bul­gari­an of Epi­ktētou diatribai by Epic­t­etus, NBU UP, 2015, Janet-45, 2016 and for his great mer­its for the pro­found and inspired present­a­tion of the Ancient thought and cul­ture in Bul­garia

New board

On April 16th the Gen­er­al Assembly of  Lit­er­ary Trans­la­tion Sec­tion to Bul­gari­an Trans­lat­ors’ Uni­on elec­ted a new board of the sec­tion:

Chair­per­son: Teodora Tzankova

Deputy Chair-persons: Dar­in Tenev, Milena Pop­ova.

The man­date of the board is three years.

Translators’ atelier in Sofia (3–5 June 2016)

The Bul­gari­an Trans­lat­ors’ Uni­on and the Eliza­beth Kostova Found­a­tion for Cre­at­ive Writ­ingannounce the launch of their ‘Trans­lat­ors’ Atelier’ for the sixth con­sec­ut­ive year. The pro­ject is aimed at lit­er­ary trans­lat­ors who are still at an early stage in their pro­fes­sion­al devel­op­ment, but who are inter­ested in trans­lat­ing lit­er­at­ure from Eng­lish to Bul­gari­an and from Bul­gari­an to Eng­lish. The Trans­lat­ors’ Atelier takes the form of a three-day intens­ive train­ing pro­gramme under the dir­ec­tion of lead­ing spe­cial­ists in lit­er­ary trans­la­tion and includes lec­tures and prac­tic­al sem­inars on the trans­la­tion of texts. Since 2015 it has included a poetry mod­ule along­side prose trans­la­tion and a trans­la­tion slam. Par­ti­cipants who suc­cess­fully fin­ish the Atelier will receive cer­ti­fic­ates from the Bul­gari­an Trans­lat­ors’ Uni­on.

Inauguration of Translators’ Atelier in 2015

Inaug­ur­a­tion of Trans­lat­ors’ Atelier in 2015

The call for applic­a­tions is open until the 9th of May. The Atelier will take place from 3rd to 5th June in Sofia, Bul­garia.