Membership Requirements

A trans­lat­or who would like to become mem­ber of the Sec­tion should present to the Chair­per­son the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments:

  • Writ­ten mem­ber­ship applic­a­tion addressed to BTU’s Chair­per­son;
  • CV and pub­lished trans­la­tions bib­li­o­graphy (no less than 2 books);
  • Recom­mend­a­tion from a mem­ber of BTU who has been in the organ­isa­tion for more than 3 years and works with the same lan­guage as the can­did­ate;
  • A copy of a book trans­lated by him/her along with the ori­gin­al.

The Sec­tion then com­mis­sions a review of the trans­la­tion to a spe­cial­ist work­ing with the lan­guage in ques­tion.

The applic­a­tion fee is 60 leva.

The annu­al mem­ber­ship fee is 50 leva; for mem­bers who are stu­dents or pen­sion­ers – 25 leva.