Hayri Hasan Hamdan

Work­ing lan­guages: Bul­gari­an, Arab­ic & Eng­lish lan­guage.

Field of work: Fic­tion & human­it­ies.

Short bio­graphy: Hayri Ham­dan was born in 1962 at Der Sharaf, Palestine, In 1967 his fam­ily moves to Jordan, where gradu­ates high school. Ham­dan has been liv­ing in Bul­garia since 1982. He gradu­ated uni­ver­sity in Sofia, where he obtained mas­ter­’s degree in the field of engin­eer­ing. Hayri Ham­dan got mar­ried in 1989. He has three daugh­ters.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

Pub­lished books in Bul­gari­an:

  • 1993 “Eyes of a storm” – Poetry col­lec­tion, Pub­lish­ing house “Pro­zoretz”
  • 2000 “Mari­am­in” – Poetry col­lec­tion, PAN Pub­lish­ing House,
  • 2005 “Chron­ic Love” & “Alive in a caner king­dom” – Poetry col­lec­tion & nov­el
  • 2007 – “European in the wrong times” – Nov­el, Pub­lish­ing House “Delfin”
  • 2008 – “Does any­body hear me”- Play, The Red House Cen­ter for Cul­ture and Debate – Sofia, won reward from European Pro­gramme for Integ­ra­tion and Migra­tion

Pub­lished books in Ara­bi­an:

  • 2011 “Let me live, let me die” – Play, Egyp­tian pub­lish­ing house “Noon”
  • 2014 “Seduc­tion of  middle-aged”, A short story col­lec­tion, “Azmena” Pub­lish­ing House in Jordan
  • 2015 – “Rest­less souls” – Nov­el, Alber­uni pub­lish­ing house in Jordan

Trans­la­tions from Arab­ic into Bul­gari­an

  • 2014 “The Con­voy of Thirst” for San­aa Shalan
  • 2015 “A call true the night” for Mah­moud al-Rimawy, Pub­lish­ing house “Ergo”

Trans­la­tions from Bul­gari­an into Arab­ic

  • 2015 “Antho­logy for mod­ern Bul­gari­an poetry in Arab­ic: “The wind blew my words away – Al-Biruni Pub­lish­ing House. 2016 Nom­in­ated for a reward from Peroto Lit­er­at­ure Club
  • 2015 “The sev­en gifts from Scheherazade”, for Emil Geor­giev, Alber­uni Pub­lish­ing house in Jordan
  • 2016 – “You are a smart kid, Tino!” – Al Ahlia Pub­lish­ing house

Awards: Hayri Ham­dan has won a few world­wide lit­er­at­ure prizes in Egypt & Saudi Ara­bia. His work is trans­lated in Eng­lish, French, Span­ish and Itali­an lan­guages.

Con­tact: Tel: 0877748644, Email: khairi.hamdan@gmail.com