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Dimana Ivanova

Work­ing lan­guages: Czech, Slov­ak, French and Eng­lish.

Field of work: Trans­la­tion of lit­er­ary texts (both poetry and fic­tion both).

Short bio­graphy: Dimana Ivan­ova (PhD.) was born in Varna, Repub­lic Bul­garia, in 1979. She earned her Mas­ters in Slavon­ic philo­logy at the Uni­ver­sity of Kli­ment Ochrid­ski in Sofia with a minor in French philo­logy. Since 2008, she has also been a reg­u­lar author of the Czech elec­tron­ic news­pa­per www​.ilit​er​atura​.cz. and since the year of 2014 to the year of 2016 has been a mem­ber of the edit­or­i­al board of news­pa­per San­ar­od­nik in Brat­is­lava. Her doc­tor­al dis­ser­ta­tion is about the com­par­at­ive aspects of Czech dec­ad­ent poetry and has been suc­cess­fully defen­ded in the year of 2011 at the Charles Uni­ver­sity of Prague. She is the author of two poems’ books Invit­a­tion for a Fath­er (Ergo, 2012) and Alpha­bet of the desires (Scalino, 2016). Her poems have been trans­lated in many lan­guages and pub­lished into numer­ous lit­er­ary journ­als and antho­lo­gies in Bul­garia, Czech repub­lic, Slov­akia, Mace­do­nia, Romania, Spain, Eng­land, Canada, Lat­in Amer­ica, USA and oth­er. She has worked as a teach­er of French in Slov­akia from the year of 2012 till the year of 2017. From the year of 2017 till now she is work­ing as a teach­er of Bul­gari­an lan­guage and lit­er­at­ure at the Bul­gari­an school Boy­an Maga in Lon­don.  She is also a mem­ber of the Czech alli­ance of the journ­al­ists, Bul­gari­an alli­ance of the trans­lat­ors, poetry move­ments Poetas del mundo in Lat­in Amer­ica  and Pars Artem in Slov­akia and the Czech-Slovakian Asso­ci­ation of com­par­at­ive lit­er­at­ure.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • Tereza Riedlbauchová. Edna dalga nosht v Biskupov. Plov­div, 2011. Ed. Zanet-45. Trans­la­tion from Czech: Dimana Ivan­ova.
  • Peter Bilý. Sve­ti­at demon. Sofia, 2011. Ed. „Ergo“. Trans­la­tion from Slov­ak: Dimana Ivan­ova.
  • Eka­ter­ina Jos­i­fo­vová. Útla knižka. Kopčany, 2017. Ed. Forza Slov­akia. Trans­la­tion from Bul­gari­an into Slov­ak: Dimana Ivan­o­vová a Igor Kru­cov­čin.


  • Twice awar­ded with the Grig­or Len­kov prize at the Czech cen­ter in Sofia (for her trans­la­tions of the story “Kalok­agath­ia” of František Gel­ner and the poems of Kateřina Rudčen­ková);
  • Prize of the Bul­gari­an trans­lat­ors’ Uni­on for out­stand­ing achieve­ment in the trans­la­tion of Bul­gari­an lit­er­at­ure into for­eign lan­guage for her trans­la­tion of the poetry col­lec­tion “Útla knižka“ of Eka­ter­ina Jos­i­fova in Slov­ak (co-translator: Igor Kru­cov­čin).

Con­tact: e-mail:


Gergana Fyrkova-Angelova

Work­ing lan­guages: Ger­man

Field of work: Lit­er­ary trans­la­tion; Film trans­la­tion

Short bio­graphy: Ger­gana Fyrkova (1965) gradu­ated from the Ger­man Lan­guage School in Sofia in 1984. In 1990 she obtained a degree in Ger­man Philo­logy from the Uni­ver­sity of Sofia “St. Kli­ment Ohrid­ski” and com­pleted spe­cial­iz­a­tions at Hum­boldt Uni­ver­sity (1987–1988), Ber­lin and the European Uni­ver­sity Viad­rina Frank­furt (Oder) (2016). She received her Ph.D. degree from the Uni­ver­sity of Sofia in 2017. Her first Bul­gari­an trans­la­tions (Rudolf Arnheim’s “Cinema as Art” and “From Cal­igari to Hitler” by Siegfried Kra­cauer) were pub­lished while she was still study­ing Ger­man philo­logy. As a trans­lat­or, she is mainly inter­ested in film and lit­er­ary trans­la­tion with a focus on the lit­er­at­ure of the early 20th cen­tury (Franz Kafka, Robert Walser, Josef Roth) and mod­ern Ger­man lit­er­at­ure (Iliya Troy­an­ov, Dim­it­ar Dinev, Clem­ens J. Setz, Mari­on Post­man, Michael Kump­fmüller, Sasa Stan­is­ic). Along with her trans­la­tion work, she is also act­ive as a film crit­ic and journ­al­ist. Ger­gana Fyrkova has been teach­ing Ger­man lan­guage and Busi­ness com­mu­nic­a­tion at the Fac­ulty of Clas­sic­al and Mod­ern Philo­logy at the Uni­ver­sity of Sofia “St. Kli­ment Ohrid­ski” since 1994. She is a mem­ber of the Asso­ci­ation of Bul­gari­an film­makers and the Asso­ci­ation of Bul­gari­an Journ­al­ists, co-founder and mem­ber of the Asso­ci­ation of Ger­man­ists in Bul­garia, and a mem­ber of the Europäisches Übersetzer-Kollegium (EÜK) in Straelen.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • Rudolf Arnheim, “Film als Kunst”: “Kinoto kato izkustvo”, Nauka I Iskustvo: 1989
  • Rudolf Arnheim, “Der neue Laokoon. Kritiken und Auf­sätze zum Film”: Noviy­at Laokoon. Statii i studii, Nauka I Iskustvo:1989
  • Siegfried Kra­cauer, “Von Cal­igari zu Hitler. Eine psy­cho­lo­gis­che Geschichte des deutschen Films: Ot Kal­igari kŭm Hitler. Psi­ho­lo­gicheska istor­iya na ger­manskoto kino, Nauka I Iskustvo: 1991
  • Franz Kafka “Heimkehr. Nov­el­len, Skizzen, Aph­or­is­men”: Zavrŭshtane u doma. Razkazi i frag­menti, Nar­odna Kul­tura Ver­lag: 1993
  • Ilija Tro­janow “Die Welt ist groß und Ret­tung lauert über­all”: Svetŭt e goliyam i spasenie debne otvsiyakŭde, Nar­odna Kul­tura: 1997
  • Dimitre Dinev, „Engelszun­gen“: Angel­ski ezit­si, Riwa: 2006
  • Pas­cal Mer­ci­er, Nachtzug nach Liss­a­bon, Nosht­en vlak za Lis­a­bon, Altera: 2009
  • Robert Walser, Geschwister Tan­ner: Semeistvo Tan­ner, Colibri: 2009
  • Joseph Roth, Hiob: Iov, Fun­tasy Pub­lish­ing House: 2011
  • Clem­ens J. Setz, Indigo: Indigo, Fun­tasy Pub­lish­ing House: 2014
  • Mari­on Poschmann, Sonnen­posi­tion: Slŭnt­sestoy­anie, Fun­tasy Pub­lish­ing House: 2016
  • Sasa Stan­is­ic, Vor dem Fest: Predi praznika, Fun­tasy Pub­lish­ing House: 2016
  • Robert Walser, Walser im Bur­eau: V kant­selar­iyata, Fun­tasy Pub­lish­ing House: 2017

Con­tact:; 0886124782

Evelina Peneva

Work­ing lan­guages: Eng­lish and French

Field of work: lit­er­ary trans­la­tion

Short bio­graphy:

1990 – 1995 School for For­eign Lan­guages “Doc­tor Petar Ber­on”, Kyustendil; First lan­guage – French, second lan­guage – Eng­lish.

1995 – 1999 School of Basic Edu­ca­tion and Under­gradu­ate school, For­eign Lan­guages and Lit­er­at­ures Depart­ment, New Bul­gari­an Uni­ver­sity, Sofia

2000, Bach­el­or of Applied Lin­guist­ics; pro­fes­sion­al qual­i­fic­a­tion “Trans­lat­or – Inter­pret­er” – French and Eng­lish.

2002 – 2004, Gradu­ate School, For­eign Lan­guages and Lit­er­at­ures Depart­ment, New Bul­gari­an Uni­ver­sity, Sofia.

2010, Mas­ter. Spe­cialty “Trans­la­tion”, MA pro­gram “The­ory and prac­tice of trans­la­tion and inter­pret­a­tion”; pro­fes­sion­al qual­i­fic­a­tion “philologist-translator with two lan­guages”, Eng­lish and French.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • The Treas­on of Ghost by Paul Doherty;
  • Open by Andre Agassi;
  • Trans­form­a­tion by Richard Band­ler;
  • The Pas­sage by Justin Cronin;
  • The Twelve by Justin Cronin,
  • The Feath­er Men by Ran­ulph Fiennes;
  • The King’s Speech by Mark Logue and Peter Con­radi;
  • All our Yes­ter­day by Cristin Ter­rill;
  • The Silk Road by Colin Falkon­er;
  • The Stig­mata by Colin Falkon­er;
  • The Night­mare Place by Steve Mosby;
  • Petit Hec­tor apprend la vie, François Lel­ord;
  • A Walk among the Tomb­stones by Lawrence Block.



mobile: 0887 20 71 15; 0886 40 13 99

Milena Emilova Popova

Work­ing lan­guages: Eng­lish

Field of work: English-language fic­tion and non-fiction in the human­it­ies

Short bio­graphy: Milena Pop­ova was born in Sofia and gradu­ated in Bul­gari­an Philo­logy from Sofia Uni­ver­sity. She has trans­lated nov­els, short stor­ies and plays, as well as texts on lit­er­at­ure stud­ies, polit­ics, philo­sophy, art, etc. Over the past 15 years, she has also worked as an edit­or of both fic­tion and non­fic­tion texts in trans­la­tion.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • Bron­islaw Malin­owski, A Sci­entif­ic The­ory of Cul­ture. The Func­tion­al The­ory, 2004
  • Car­ol Shields, The Stone Diar­ies, 2005
  • Dav­id Lodge, Home Truths, 2005
  • Tru­man Capote, А Tree of the Night and Oth­er Stor­ies, 2009
  • Jef­frey Eugen­ides, Middle­sex, 2009
  • Ruth Praw­er Jhab­vala, Heat and Dust, 2012
  • Dav­id Mameth, Theatre, 2014
  • Siri Hustvedt, Sum­mer Without Men, 2014
  • E. L. Doc­torow, Andrew’s Brain, 2016
  • Siri Hustvedt, The Blaz­ing World, 2017
  • Jef­frey Moore, The Extinc­tion Club, 2017


  • Winner of the spe­cial 2017 Krastan Dyankov Trans­la­tion Award.


  • milena_popova [at] abv​.bg

Hayri Hasan Hamdan

Work­ing lan­guages: Bul­gari­an, Arab­ic & Eng­lish lan­guage.

Field of work: Fic­tion & human­it­ies.

Short bio­graphy: Hayri Ham­dan was born in 1962 at Der Sharaf, Palestine, In 1967 his fam­ily moves to Jordan, where gradu­ates high school. Ham­dan has been liv­ing in Bul­garia since 1982. He gradu­ated uni­ver­sity in Sofia, where he obtained master’s degree in the field of engin­eer­ing. Hayri Ham­dan got mar­ried in 1989. He has three daugh­ters.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

Pub­lished books in Bul­gari­an:

  • 1993 “Eyes of a storm” – Poetry col­lec­tion, Pub­lish­ing house “Pro­zoretz”
  • 2000 “Mari­am­in” – Poetry col­lec­tion, PAN Pub­lish­ing House,
  • 2005 “Chron­ic Love” & “Alive in a caner king­dom” – Poetry col­lec­tion & nov­el
  • 2007 – “European in the wrong times” – Nov­el, Pub­lish­ing House “Delfin”
  • 2008 – “Does any­body hear me”- Play, The Red House Cen­ter for Cul­ture and Debate – Sofia, won reward from European Pro­gramme for Integ­ra­tion and Migra­tion

Pub­lished books in Ara­bi­an:

  • 2011 “Let me live, let me die” – Play, Egyp­tian pub­lish­ing house “Noon”
  • 2014 “Seduc­tion of  middle-aged”, A short story col­lec­tion, “Azmena” Pub­lish­ing House in Jordan
  • 2015 – “Rest­less souls” – Nov­el, Alber­uni pub­lish­ing house in Jordan

Trans­la­tions from Arab­ic into Bul­gari­an

  • 2014 “The Con­voy of Thirst” for San­aa Shalan
  • 2015 “A call true the night” for Mah­moud al-Rimawy, Pub­lish­ing house “Ergo”

Trans­la­tions from Bul­gari­an into Arab­ic

  • 2015 “Antho­logy for mod­ern Bul­gari­an poetry in Arab­ic: “The wind blew my words away – Al-Biruni Pub­lish­ing House. 2016 Nom­in­ated for a reward from Peroto Lit­er­at­ure Club
  • 2015 “The sev­en gifts from Scheherazade”, for Emil Geor­giev, Alber­uni Pub­lish­ing house in Jordan
  • 2016 – “You are a smart kid, Tino!” – Al Ahlia Pub­lish­ing house

Awards: Hayri Ham­dan has won a few world­wide lit­er­at­ure prizes in Egypt & Saudi Ara­bia. His work is trans­lated in Eng­lish, French, Span­ish and Itali­an lan­guages.

Con­tact: Tel: 0877748644, Email: