Vassily Ivanov Ivanov

Work­ing lan­guages: French, Eng­lish, Rus­si­an

Field of work: fic­tion, tech­nic­al trans­la­tion activ­ity

Brief Bio­graphy: Uni­ver­sity ” Cyril and Meth­o­di­us” – 1978, proofread­er, edit­or, journ­al­ist, trans­lat­or cor­res­pond­ent in Alger­ia,  tech­nic­al com­mand­er of the First Private Bank, Min­istry of For­eign Affairs 1998 – Mis­sion of Bul­garia to the Coun­cil of Europe in Stras­bourg , Dip­lo­mat­ic Insti­tute, Embassy of Bul­garia in Par­is, Mis­sion of Bul­garia to UNESCO – Par­is, where I work now.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

recent trans­la­tions of poetry

  • ” Ver­laine ” – edi­tion RIVA – 2011,
  • Baudelaire” – edi­tion RIVA 2011.