Sylvia Wagenstein

Work­ing lan­guages: French

Field of work: Fic­tion

Short bio­graphy: Trans­lat­or and Edit­or at French edit­or­i­al office of “Sofia Press-Agency” (1976–1981), Edit­or at “Nar­odna kul­tura” Pub­lish­ing House, Depart­ment for edi­tions in many volumes (1981–1990), Co-founder of Colibri Pub­lish­ers (1991).

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • La Modi­fic­a­tion. Réper­toires by Michel But­or,
  • La Tenta­tion de saint Ant­oine by Gust­ave Flaubert,
  • L’Amant by  Mar­guer­ite Dur­as,
  • L’Amant de la Chine du Nord by Mar­guer­ite Dur­as.


  • Young Trans­lat­or Encour­age­ment for La Tenta­tion de saint Ant­oine by Gust­ave Flaubert (1985),
  • Bul­gari­an Trans­lat­ors’ Uni­on Award for La Modi­fic­a­tion. Réper­toires by Michel But­or (1987).