Evelina Hein

Work­ing lan­guages: Chinese, Ger­man, Rus­si­an, Eng­lish

Field of work: Chinese Stud­ies,  folk­lore and folk reli­gions of East­ern Asia

Short bio­graphy: Evelina Hein is assist­ant pro­fess­or in Chinese Lan­guage and Cul­ture at Sec­tion of Chinese Stud­ies, Cen­ter for Ori­ent­al Lan­guages and Cul­tures, Sofia Uni­ver­sity “St. Kli­ment Ohrid­sky”, Bul­garia. She is cur­rently PhD-candidate at the same sec­tion, writ­ing her dis­ser­ta­tion on „The Cult of Mount Tai in Chinese Folk­lore and Reli­gious Tra­di­tions “. Her pro­fes­sion­al interests include folk­lore and folk reli­gions of East­ern Asia, trans­la­tion stud­ies, trans­la­tions in the field of the human­it­ies.

Selec­ted trans­la­tions:

  • The Chinese Dream of the Great Reju­ven­a­tion of the Chinese Nation by Xi Jin­ping, trans­la­tion from Chinese and com­ment­ary in cooper­a­tion with Todor Radev, Sofia 2015, “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • Com­mon Know­ledge about Chinese Cul­ture (In Chinese and Bul­gari­an), trans­la­tion from Chinese, Beijing 2014, Beijing Lan­guage and Cul­ture Uni­ver­sity Press.
  • Lexikon chin­es­is­cher Sym­bole: Die Bild­sprache der Chinesen“, (A Dic­tion­ary of Chinese Sym­bols: The visu­al Lan­guage of China) by Wolfram Eber­hard, trans­la­tion from Ger­man and foot­notes, Sofia 2005, “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • Reli­gions of China by Daniel L. Over­my­er, in: Reli­gious Tra­di­tions of the World, trans­la­tion from Eng­lish, Sofia 2005, “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • Chin­a’s Tra­di­tion­al Way of Health Pre­ser­va­tion by Zeng Qing­nan, Liu Daoqing, trans­la­tion from Eng­lish, Sofia 2004, “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • Open­ing the Dragon Gate: The Mak­ing of a Mod­ern Taoist Wiz­ard, by Chen Kai­guo, Zheng Shunchao, trans­la­tion from Rus­si­an, Sofia 2003,  “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • When Drink­ing Water, Remem­ber the Source – A Col­lec­tion of Chinese Pro­verbs and Pop­u­lar Say­ings, com­pil­a­tion and trans­la­tion from Chinese, intro­duc­tion, Sofia 2003, “Iztok-Zapad” Pub­lish­ing House.
  • Chinese His­tory: Ancient China to 1911 by Hel­wig Schmidt-Glintzer, trans­la­tion from Ger­man, Sofia 2002, „Lik“ Pub­lish­ing House.
  • The Unknown East – A Col­lec­tion of Asi­an Poetry and Prosa, Trans­la­tion from Chinese of Chapter I of the nov­el Look­ing for the unique and unre­peat­able one from the tri­logy The Bronze Age by Wang Xiaobo, Sofia 2001, Sofia Uni­ver­sity Press „St. Kli­ment Ohrid­sky“.

Con­tact: evelinahein@abv.bghein@uni-sofia.bg